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Release Date: 07/07/2010
No. of Discs: 1
Actors: David Bowie, David Bowie,
Directors: Various,

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There were 3 distinct periods in the career of David Bowie during the 1970s. The first, of course, consisted of his Glam years, defined best by the startling Ziggy Stardust album. At the other end of the decade came the Berlin trilogy _&nbspthree dark, industrial, yet ambient and often joyous records. But sandwiched between these is what has come to be known _ via the man_s own comments _ as the Plastic Soul Era, an era just as creative, magnificent and popular as any other during Bowie_s life so far, yet one rarely considered as a stand-alone and separate entity within his complete body of work.All that changes with David Bowie _ The Plastic Soul Review, as the albums David Live, Young Americans and Station To Station and the performances that accompanied them, are here re-examined and newly appraised more than 30 years after they first appeared.FEATURES INCLUDEMusical Performances of Bowie, from the era in question, reappraised by a panel of esteemed experts.Obscure footage, rare interviews and seldom seen photographs of and with David.Review, comment, criticism and insight from Mike Garson, Bowie_s long serving pianist Andy Newmark, drummer on Young Americans [and regular skin beater for Sly and the Family Stone] Robert Elms, style guru, journalist, broadcaster and self confessed soul boy Lee John, Brit Funk superstar, the man behind Imagination [the UK_s most successful soul band ever] Steve Strange, infamous New Romantic and&nbsppromoter of the Blitz club_s famous Bowie Nights Andrew Mueller, music editor for the Guardian Newspaper, and respected music writers Chris Roberts [Mojo], Kris Needs [Zig Zag, NME, Mojo], David Stubbs [Melody Maker, The Wire] and Paolo Hewitt [NME, Uncut].Live and studio performances of Bowie classics from the Plastic Soul era.

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Rating: PG
Language: English
Running Time: 70
Format: NTSC
Aspect Ratio: COLOUR
Audio Format: COLOUR
Colour Format: COLOUR
Catalogue Number: DAVID1986
How Plastic Soul Created New Romanticism The Plastic Soul Challenge - Interactive quiz Contributor biographies _

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